Earth Day – Grab that butt

Today I start a new adventure.

A challenge.

One I really hope that others join me on.


In honor of Earth Day, I pledge to pick up one piece of litter everyday for the next year.

Could be a plastic bag, cigarette butt, straw or whatever is found to be laying around. Of course picking up more than one piece would be even better, but can you imagine if each and every person on this planet picked up one single piece a day? Together we would literally change the world and save lives.


So will you join me? Maybe bring along a few friends to join the challenge. Together we CAN make a difference.

But wait, is it really that big a deal? I mean I walk outside & I see plenty of trash cans & plenty of grass. Is litter really a big deal?



Face it, people are lazy or they just simply don’t even realize they dropped something or the wind blows it out of reach… life happens. The problem lies in the “it isn’t my job or my stuff littering, so I don’t need to worry about it” attitude. You are right in that it may not be anything you caused or created, but we are all living together. So be kind and help out by tossing those left behind items where they belong.

The blame game doesn’t get us anywhere, but action will.

This is a simple act that absolutely anyone who shares life on this planet can easily do. Just takes a few seconds and doesn’t cost a single cent. All it takes is motivation and dedication to make where you live a bit better. Increase the property value of Earth and feel great while doing it.

So can you join me? In honor of our beautiful planet.

Day One - piece number one, right in my yard. yuck!

Day One – piece number one, right in my yard. yuck!

Let’s clean it up.

As they say, this is the only home we have.

Happy Earth Day!

So in my dream…

Trying something new.

Last night I embraced the dreams. Skipped the ambien, partially because I was exhausted from getting back from a weekend with the family late. Decided to just see what messages came.


Woke up sideways in the bed this morning.

Good thing I slept alone. Baxter didn’t seem to mind.  His lil pug butt just seemed happy I was waking up & ready to snuggle.  Guess I didn’t get too crazy because he didn’t try to wake me.

One dream in particular stuck with me.

A friend appeared and the messages were very clear. Still seems slightly crazy but what the hell. I am close to this friend and for once, I would rather relay my thoughts than have them haunt me. I have no desire to continue this dream. So even thought it didn’t seem to fit, I reached out & asked if everything was going ok.

Turns out life has indeed taken a turn much like presented in the dream.

So I passed along the impressions & apologized for seeming strange. Actually this particular person pretty much already knew that I am strange, but I opened up anyway. Hoping it helps.  …them as much as me. The nagging feeling at least has passed. Now I just worry. About the situation & the impression the person has of me & my mental health.

A big part of the dream dealt with who we are.

Strip away the house, the job, the relationships, the things, the race, religion, gender & even the physical body and what are we left with? What piece is us?

If we let go of what is expected of us, both by others and by ourselves, who are we? … and if we find out, do we like this soul?

Got me thinking a lot about everything. If we let go of all that hold us or pushes us, where are we? Maybe that is what we need to figure out in this life. Less about achieving goals and acquiring things, but more about defining us. Sure the relationships, positions and things can help us learn more about who we are, but many times the take over and we forget the core of this life.

Maybe we need the distractions in order to not go crazy. The pleasures of the connections and achievements help to relax us. Maybe the detour us. Who knows?

So new plan. Test the boundaries.

Trust in me.

Trust in intuition and guidance that makes no sense but feels exactly like what is right.

Trust in something bigger than all I know.

(think this is Shel Silverstein)

(think this is Shel Silverstein)

Hope and Determination

So much changes so fast.

This time last week, I felt my life slipping away from me. Today I awoke with a spark.

More optimistic even if things aren’t perfect.

Mr Man & I have had some long talks and who knows where things will end up. What I do know is it is very hard to deal with depression from the inside, but it is also very difficult to deal with as someone who wants to support and make life better & can’t. There are some trust issues for both of us, but I think we both have good intentions. Time will tell if we work together or if we really just can’t be good influences on each other. Still stings but understanding the reasons and getting apologies certainly helps. Living together is tough even without the added stress.

Face it. We are both a bit nuts.

Face it. We are both a bit nuts.

Other than the stress of having him leave, neither one of us has done anything that would be a deal breaker. I can forgive a lot if there are good intentions behind it. I’m a bit cautious but part of having an adult relationship is working through the tough parts. Both of us being stubborn and used to being in control doesn’t help. We have both been hurt in the past. Our choices now are all that matter. For now the positives of being together outweigh the positives of being apart. So we take it day by day.

Having his stuff out has enabled me to take a better look at my stuff & question why there is so much of it! I swear the clothes in my closet multiply on their own. Feel like I just went through them & purged but clearly the space filled up again and it’s time to go through them again.

Call it Spring Cleaning or sanity saving diversion, the stuff has got to go. In the closet & out. Fixing up the bedroom just allowed me to neglect the other areas of the house. Problem with a great bed is you never want to leave it. Especially when the TV with the Roku is in here. Could just be that I enjoy the green walls so much better than those old white ones.

My goal is to reorganize and maybe even move furniture around.

I can’t change the past, but I know that I can shape the future. So that is where I am placing my energy, focusing on where I want to go, being who I want to be.

Fingers crossed.