WOW! I feel horrible about getting caught up in life & neglecting my blog.  Sorry.

Truth is I have started several post & they are still hanging in limbo waiting to be finished. Life just has caught me off track & been a tad busier.

I was spoiled rotten by Santa & my family & am extremely excited to test out my new gadgets in my kitchen very soon.  Alas I am staying with family for a few more days to enjoy as much time as I can with them.

Tonight my sister is hosting a New Years Eve party for a few close friends.

Rushing off to get supplies & fireworks!

Should be an entertaining night, even if she doesn’t even own a martini glass! (Had to buy one for myself to drink out of – so another new thing for me.)  Also looks like I will be trying fried pickles tonight for the 1st time, not sure how I feel about those not being a pickle fan to begin with.  Seems fried is the thing at this party, don’t worry – I’m bringing champagne & sparkles galore!


Hoping everyone has a fantastic end to 2010 & we all find 2011 to be better than we ever could hope for!





Somethings just remind us of certain holidays.

What would easter be without Cadbury creme eggs?  Halloween without candy corn?

For me christmas meant several food related things.  We always had apples, tangerines & M&Ms in our stockings.  Pumpkin & pecan pies for dessert & at some point from Thanksgiving to December 31st we made Sausage Cheese Balls.

They are just one of those simple recipes that are too easy to make & make enough to share.  Always seem to be a hit (with the exception of the vegan crowd).

I can’t confirm for sure, but I am pretty certain my mom found the recipe on the back of a Bisquik box.  Its super simple.  Biquik, shredded cheddar & sausage. I believe its 2 cups of baking mix, 2 cups of shredded cheddar & one roll or pound of sausage.

You just mush it all up & once completely mixed together, you make small balls which then bake.

My sister & I would help mom roll the balls.  So many stories would be share with our hands covered in the mixture rolling away.

Its been a couple of years since I have made this, but this year I thought it would be perfect to make & bring to the office.

Alas I am missing a vital piece to this puzzle…. SAUSAGE!

In an effort to be healthier, I started switching out the bisquik for the heart healthy version & the pork got switched to turkey.  Nothing is the same as cheddar.

Sadly I have been searching all over town for a TURKEY sausage.  No luck.

I know they make them.  I have used them in the past & even find some online!

What’s a gal to do?

Its so frustrating to see all these rows of sausage at the store & NONE turkey… or anything other than pork.  With as many varied taste as there are & allergies, it is insane that there are not more options available.


Wish You Were Here

Is it me or does the time go faster as it gets closer to something big?

The phrase slow as christmas no longer works for me. Time is flying! I feel like there is barely the same hours this week as there are in a normal week.

I made fettuccine alfredo from a jar on Monday & have yet to make anything else.  Single gals have loads of leftovers sometimes!  Also feel like I have barely spent anytime at home. With less daylight, more sleep & rushing around to shop, errands for work & a loooong vet appointment, I need more hours in a day!

Sadly I left the fridge door open a crack last night.  It was enough to where when I checked the food this morning everything was luke warm.  Even more sad, when I went through it to throw out anything that could have gone bad, it all fit into one grocery bag! Mostly cheese & coffee creamer.  No I have evidently not been cooking lately.

Thankfully I have a work party/dinner tonight so I get a free meal!


Wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the 1st give away (of what I hope to be many).

Also Thanks again to everyone who reads this blog.

(Just in case you are interested – the Thank You pictured is from Beach House Living on Etsy!