Thai’d Up

Tonight felt like old times.

Its been WAY too long since the stars seemed to align just right letting me find time to get together with a few girls.  Good food, deep bellied laughs & thankfully plans to make this happen more often.  Just exactly what I needed.

Even though it was way to hot to be May, we decided to eat outside.  And didn’t regret it for a moment.

Did I mention the food?


& I ALMOST went for something new. BUT like always I went with my FAVORITE Pad Cee U.  (yeah I probably didn’t spell that right) DELISH!

Course mine was less entertaining than the mussels my friend ordered.

What’s that?

Meal in a meal?

A baby crab! Hidden inside.  IT was too much fun.  Guess they were really fresh.  We decided it was the the equivalent of getting the baby in the King cake at Marti Gras!

We also decided that its been far too long since we all got together.

That & life is never normal when we chicks get together!

Day of Remembering

No matter what chaos we all find in our own lives, we should take a moment to reflect on all the sacrifices the men and women in the armed forces make to make our lives possible.  Also don’t forget their families and friends who struggle to support and stay connected.

Even better than taking a day off work to celebrate, DO SOMETHING FOR THEM!

Numerous programs are around that can provide ways to support and make the days of those who serve.  Check out which sounds like something you could do & do it.  Also if you know of one not listed here, post the information in the comments & spread the word.

Baxter LOVES his friends in the service!

OPERATION SALSA DROP:   one of my favorite since its local to me & who doesn’t love salsa? especially if they are stuck overseas?  Supporting is EASY!  you can buy salsa for yourself & support the cause, you can donate cash (paypal) to pay for shipping, you can even sigh up someone you know that is deployed & send some directly to them.  If you aren’t up to paying for the whole cost of sending the case of salsa, you can always sign them up with their address for no cost.  They just want to bring salsa smiles to those who serve!

eMail Our Military: eMOM connects you with deployed service members and allows you to support thru emails.  If you have ever wanted a pen pal… this is your program!  Its a step up from the traditional “any service member” mail.  You are connected with a soldier who signed up to be in the program for the encouragement, motivation and distraction of your correspondence.

Operation Homefront:  One of the hardest things on those deployed are worry for those they left behind.  Operation Homefront works to easy that concern.  Their focus is ensuring that families are cared for.

USO:  til every one comes home.  Need I say anything about this group? they seem to be the one we all know to turn to in order to give support.

Troop Support also is a site with a TON of links to ways to show your support.

The main thing I see is to share a smile.  Welcome them home.  Recognized the opportunities to help how you can.  Open a door, buy their meal & most of all THANK THEM, in person, verbally a simple THANK YOU can mean the world.

Showing your support should mean a lot more than slapping a magnet on the back of your car or wearing a T-shirt you brought from a big box store.

Show them you care….because you do.  Not just because you should.

melting down

oh life… its never predictable.

Yesterday started out awful.

one bright spot was a new bloom

Everything just got to me all at once.  My mom being sick, my chaos of potentially moving or re-organizing the current place, another friend moving across country & out of my life, the passing of a child who had cancer (never met him, but there have been local events for him & we were all rooting for him to get better. its all just too unfair) and the reality that my finger is looking worse than before and frankly there isn’t any hope for it being normal.  Then the whole single gal in a seemingly couple centered place.  The fact that I have money, yet can’t seem to get to any of it at the moment.  Check being mailed to me, check needing picked up but I didn’t have time to get it Friday & that the pay check from work is taking a lot longer to deposit into my account than it should each week… meaning I am not being able to budget paying bills the way I had scheduled.  Just frustrating all over the place.

Nothing new – except the child passing.

But for whatever reason it all just hit me at once & hard.

I had plans to meet up with friends…. I tried to pull it together & put on a happy face, but not happening.  Then I got the message that my friend needed help moving & so there I went.  Maybe hauling boxes & packing would be a good distraction & how can you pass up a few more moments together with someone you may not see again off facebook?

Several other snafus later I’m pretty sure I had smoke billowing out my ears.  Klonapin wasn’t working, deep breaths didn’t seem to help fight the tears or heartache.  So I opened a bottle of pinot noir.

a heart to heart & a few bottles later life was feeling a little less heavy even if nothing was changed other than I now had her queen mattress at my home waiting for me to crash on.

Not sure how to become okay with all the crazy stuff in the world, like cancer, but hoping that good friends, stopping to take time when I need it & a cozy place to sleep with strong arms to hug me when I need it, this too shall pass as they say.

Did I mention how lucky I am to share my life with a face that both adores me & makes me laugh when I need it most.

So hoping that taking some time to just be.  Not think, not over think, not plan, just be will help me.  Grateful to have a bed big enough to hibernate in a little longer.  Bonus is I’m avoiding all those tourist who are in town for the weekend.

Just call me Tiger Lily

Another full throttle day!

Work ended up being insane today.  Several job orders that needed IMMEDIATE workers were more difficult to fill than expected & kept us hoping all day.  I lost count of the number of people I spoke with.  Also had a new girl start.  She is filling the position I started at since I have moved positions.  Can’t wait to get her up to speed & she is already proving to be amazing!  Honestly it was the most hectic day we have had & if she can hang with that, I adore her.

We all certainly earned our pay day tomorrow & a big glass of wine tonight!

Through it all I feel like I am finally in my element.  I LOVE placing the right people with the right positions.  Granted they aren’t long term jobs for the most part, but the people that I’ve met seem so happy to be getting the chances & then getting the work.  I’m just a match maker, but its a great feeling seeing the connection at work.  I’m also amazed at the wide range of how people sell themselves & the way they present themselves.

Towards the end of the day – we got a surprise!

FLOWERS!  Beautiful, fragrant delightful lilies in just the nick of time!

It was like a zap of zen tossed into the chaos.

Perfect timing & I can’t wait to see them tomorrow!

They were a prize for knowing who the Iron Jawed Angels were (if you don’t know, get in the know!).  Figured since I got lucky, I should share the wealth!  Who would appreciate the flowers more, my birds & Baxter or the crew at work?  WORK!  Plus I get to see them more while I’m at work.

Good call since they made the day.

….my explanation of “I won them” got me a couple of strange looks!

Who the heck is that?

Today was one of those days where I had to wonder where the cameras were hidden.  Just seemed like a sit com script unfolding.

Alarm went off way too early.  I was loving being in dreamland even if the dream was working through some crazy stuff.  Not brave enough to put out there the details, but although I was fighting a lot of different battles (not literally) but parts of it felt very comfortable.  One of those emotional dreams you don’t want to leave just yet that stick with you.  So I hit snooze a couple of times.

Which was an issue.  I NEEDED to get up & get dressed.  Evidently when I did, I wasn’t quite awake.  Showered & as I was turning the water off & toweling off…. I realized I heard a voice.  In the spare room where I was sleeping.  I FROZE.  The cell phone I tend to keep by my side was in the living room…. no calling for help on this one.  I PANICKED.  What is a naked chick to do?  Baxter was in the bathroom laying on the rug giving me “the look”.  Clearly not amused with being away from the bed this early.  He isn’t the biggest watch dog, but did he just stick by my side even with an intruder in my house?

then I heard a voice I recognized.

the blissful voice of an angel.  Madonna.  Suddenly I was safe.

Like a prayer… answering mine

THE RADIO on the alarm!!!  I had hit snooze again as I got up instead of the off button.  Oops…. well the heart was racing & I was WIDE awake at that point!

So off to work for the day.

Work was insanity.. mostly in a good way, but still non-stop.  Lunch was a MUCH needed break visiting with a friend at a metaphysical shop that is always calming to me.

Which was a STARK contrast to snagging lunch on the way back to the office.  I experienced drive thru rage at its finest.  Person tried cutting in line & pissed people off.  Then the lady behind me was being rude. Not sure what inspired me, but for some reason I  thought of one of the things on my life list I had never done… “paying for a stranger’s order behind you in a drive thru”.  Part of me thought NO WAY not this chick who is being rude, but then I thought she is obviously angered by something in her life.  Maybe she needs a smile more than someone else.  Why not?  So I asked the cashier if I could pay for her order.  The cashier LOVED the idea!  So another person happy.  (BONUS!)  The really great part was her order ended up only being just over $3!

Another check on the life list!  Hopefully the person in the car behind me had a better attitude for the rest of the day.  I know I did.

Carried me thru a few more interviews, placements & prepping for tomorrow’s rush.  All the way til 5:30 pm when it was time to dash downtown.

Had been invited to a networking event with a co-worker.  Best part – it was at Front Street Brewery! Great beer & delish food – FREE!!!    Ended up running into an old neighbor who just moved back to the area & meeting a few new faces.

Course returning to my horrid parallel parking job I discovered I was wrong about the free parking after 6!  Still I’m preferring to think of it as a donation to the city.  Oh well.  What can you do?

Just keep laughing & keep on keeping on.  Life can always be a lot worse.

Like strangers in your bedroom….

Its a Wild World.

Hard to get by just upon a smile girl…

No clue why but that song is stuck in my head.   Not really minding it all that much.  Could be a LOT worse.

Maybe its due to the fact that I had one of the wildest days at work so far & I ADORED most of it.  Had several companies calling in wanting workers immediately! Thanks to the great people, we were able to fill them.  Course unfortunately a couple of people wanting to work didn’t work out.  I’m amazed still at how different people’s lives can be.  Simple choices don’t always work out so well.  Makes me feel grateful that I have always been lucky in the end.

So before work I checked out a house for sale.  Correction. I checked out the neighborhood.  Its actually really close to work so when I found myself ready for work early, I decided it was as good a way as any to sip coffee before work.

I’m opening up more to the idea of moving.  I know I want to…just still need to figure out how it would all work.  Is it really an option or would I be biting off more than I can chew?  I just want to make sure I can find a place to feel safe.  One thing I know I have to do is visit the neighborhoods at various times to see how it feels.  The morning felt great.  …the after work traffic at another neighborhood didn’t feel so great.  What I thought might be a #1 choice, turned out to not feel right at all neighborhood wise.  Also would hate to have to fight the traffic turning out of that neighborhood everyday.  Little things I want to think of before falling for a fireplace or spacious closet.

Honestly I don’t really know what all to think of.  Its slightly overwhelming.  I tend to trust my gut.  Like when we bought this place.  I felt it was right & I went for it.  Was the first place we looked at.  For YEARS it was perfect.  I’ve been living in this same house since December 1996.  Now it doesn’t feel right.  Time to change.  Maybe that means doing something different here, but maybe it means relocate.

For now its just keeping my eyes & options open.

Plus… I am so excited about this movie!!!

Smiles, squid & shortsales

Finally got one of those moods I have needed for a little while now.

Spent the morning starting the house hunt.  Not going too hard, but its become an option recently & I’m entertaining the idea.

At first it felt a bit like giving up on another dream.  Honestly I wanted to house hunt for a new home with a new partner & doing so felt like I was closing that door.  But I need change.  This place holds way too many memories on the inside & too much chaos on the outside.  this is no longer who I am.  Moving on to something new, doesn’t mean I will be there forever, but for the next phase in life.  I still may meet someone & move on to “our home”, but til then why shouldn’t I have a home?  this place feels like a box of old history just sealed away.  Dunno.  Just thinking at this stage.

Great news on the family front.  Even if it was a bit rocky this morning discovering that my mom had to go to the hospital Friday & was there all day.  Funny NO ONE told me about it.  But my sister says she tried to call & she did tell me today.  Better late than never.  At least they are making a better effort to keep me in the loop.  Trust is hard, but we are working on it.

Helped that I got to talk to my mom who sounded more like herself than she has in a while.  She is doing MUCH better & eating.  I had to laugh when I heard she requested refried beans.  That was what I craved after a major food poisoning attack years ago.  Guess I got it from somewhere honest!  I still think that stuff is better than jello on a sick day.

Caught up with a bestie who I was worried about.  Seemed a bit down after moving to south florida recently.  Today he seems more like himself too.  Takes time.  He is such a spark I know they will love him there once he gets discovered.  Truth is anywhere can feel like a place to run from or run to.  Its the people in our lives that matter.  If the backdrop ends up being breaktaking, then its a bonus!  So smiles to know he is doing better & to get to text our humor back & forth so much today.

Also got to catch up with Shadow before he heads back to the road for work.  Just a quick dinner…so quick that I ended up ordering the calamari & his wine while I was there solo waiting for him to get there.

...gee.. what's missing from this picture?

Felt good to talk about everything (without actually talking about everything) & even teased a bit about how green I am in my cater waiter skills.  Something about great friends that just relaxes you.  Free Olive Garden doesn’t hurt either.  I got next, so we are going to have to hit up a Sonic or something! ha ha JUST KIDDING.

So I’m ending the weekend where the world would have ended with a smile.  Still wish I could have gotten a hug from my mom, but one from Shadow helps.

& even if I didn’t get to go see Bridesmaids or Pirates of the Caribbean, I had fun.  Besides, I’ve been a bridesmaid more times than I needed to be & frankly like is a bit like a pirate around here with all parrots (& the one swearing like a sailor!).

Pirates of the Cul-de-sac