Carolina Girl?

Best in the world? After last night’s disappointment, that is debatable.  Sure some of us are, but honestly I am not proud of my state.  Stereotypes sometimes come from truth.  I have long been aware of the manipulative and judgmental minds that populate the area.  People can smile in your face, then pop burning crosses on your lawn – or in my case, notes in my locker.  Too many times I have heard that someone “has friends that are ________” but that they don’t approve of that lifestyle.  Many times this statement comes following up some joke that doesn’t paint a positive light on the group that differs from them.  Some friend.  Personally I don’t see someone living a life they find true, as a threat to my life.  I’m comfortable in where I am and encourage my friends and family to follow the paths they are lead to.  As long as no one else is hurt, so be it.

I voted.  I get to bitch.

I will gladly voice my opinion and being the internet, no one is forced to read the statuses or posts.  To do so indicates an interest.  In which case don’t complain about me having an opinion.  So it differs from yours.  That my dear is life.  Get used to it.  Especially if you are going to be set on everyone being as you are.  Frankly that just isn’t the way any god intended this world to be.

My heart breaks knowing that we continue to be a state that demeans and suppresses our own people.  I know the amendment if voted down, would not allow gay marriages to take place or in any way grant any additional benefits to anyone.  Still it feels a bit like kicking sand in the face of the kid that has been pushed down.  Just an unnecessary sucker punch.

Being a bully is not something to take pride in.

I admire people for having a strong faith in what they believe, but when it intrudes into the rights of others I have no tolerance for it.

Hoping this is just the event that is a catalyst to change.  The spark to light the explosion that takes down the walls.

Thoughts are with all those impacted by the ruling, homosexual, heterosexual or those who aren’t even sure.  One day we will all have the same rights.  They aren’t theirs to take.  Soon everyone will see that.

Hear me rawr

Once in a while things come together in ways that there is no denying they are pointing you toward where you should be.  That place where your soul will burn bright in bliss.

Maybe it was meeting new guys that I actually am interested in after a long dry spell of meeting people who just were not my guys.  Not only meeting guys I could very well get smitten by, but who also seem to be in the same “perhaps” phase.  The anticipation time is bliss …. or complete agony! But mostly smiles.  And the flirts can drive a lady crazy!

The pole dancing classes may have been the spark.  Getting back in touch with my body.  The way it moves.  The recognition that even if I haven’t had sex in a really long time… I am still sexy.  Learning how certain moves not only look enticing, but take a strength that right now I just have to strive for.

Lately I am just feeling very feminine.  Feeling appreciated for being feminine.  Feeling connected with Athena, Aphrodite  and still Kali seems to always be near.  Just embracing the mood.

Sadly I have long grown out of my Wonder Woman underroos, but the spirit still lives within.

Learning about a local vote to deny funding that would cover IUDs for women on what seems like their opinion that birth control pills would be cheaper INFURIATES me!  How dare they? I agree the pills are cheaper.  BUT they are not for every woman.  Without the funding those that may be better on the IUD will get the pill… which can be skipped & ineffective.  Leading to unplanned pregnancies & the choices that they bring… & the cost associated with those decisions.  So decision based on a budget? NO its grant money to use or loose.  They said loose it based on their opinions AS MEN.

Why should ANY man be making a decision about my body.  Perhaps if it is a medical professional who understands my unique situations and is aware of any side effects or risks.   Perhaps their opinion would be valued.  but a group of local elected MEN,…. No.  Just NO.

Click on the picture to take you to the news story.

So tomorrow its time to stand & be counted.  Let them know there are vaginas in this town.  Vaginas who vote.  Vaginas who are smart enough to think for themselves and educate others as we can without making choices for them.

If they want to make a difference, why don’t they do something really inspiring and ban banana hammocks on the beach for anyone over a certain age or weight…. no they would never do that.  For they all fall in those limits.  Could effect them directly.

I just don’t understand how people can pass up free funding just because they preferred it were funding something else that THEY feel would work better.  Not their choice.  Make the choices available & let the women decide.

Remember that although you say that “they shouldn’t be having sex”.. its a NATURAL instinct and is going to happen.  Pregnancies can be prevented and diseases can be prevented.  With the tools to fight & knowledge to know how.  How dare we limit access to these?

Just sadden & madden by my local representatives’ short sightedness.  Perhaps they should spend some time with their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, wives, daughters, granddaughters, co-workers who are women, neighbors…. any one who has her very own vagina.  Someone who can explain that it is ours to protect how we see fit.

Tomorrow I will attempt to make my voice her in a rally.  Hoping that its not too late for this grant funding & hoping this snafu and embarrassing series of events do not prevent us from being eligible for future assistance.

My opinion is my own.  I reserve the right to believe it & speak it freely.  I also sincerely hope that when it comes time to vote, I can do so feeling that my voice will be considered in all actions.

Thinking its time to bust out the red pumps again.  Rocking the Red Pump was about being aware…. its time were are all VERY aware.